11 Gifts for the Gun Guy on Your List

It’s already difficult to shop for men, but when it comes to men that love guns… they’re a breed of their own.

Guns & attachments are like tattoos; as soon as your man gets one, he’s already thinking about getting another. So naturally, it’s hard to find something they already don’t have.

After browsing endless outdoor & sports stores, you admit defeat and get him a hardware store gift card, again.

But not this year; we have some unique items that your gun guy will love and actually use.

Just don’t blame us when he goes to the range more than he used to...

11. Tac-Magnet

Rest well knowing your loved one will always be prepared when they’re most vulnerable.

Proven to be the best quality & strongest gun mount on the market with a verified 20 lb. rating, all they have to do is rest their firearm against the magnet to be able to defend themselves at a moment’s notice.


10. Shoulder Holster

The only thing more powerful & dangerous than a firearm is the element of surprise.

Specially designed to be comfortable, discrete, and compatible for both left and right hand draw, your loved one will appreciate a quality holster that they’ll barely even know is there.


9. Belly Band Holster

By far the most comfortable way to carry, this unique holster allows for quick access, discrete carry, and rapid access.

In case things get real hairy, there’s even pouches for spare magazines.


8. Quick Draw Tac-Mag

This unique firearm mounting solution allows your loved one to be armed anywhere, anytime. 

All they have to do is install the mount wherever they’d like, and they’ll be able to defend themselves at a moment’s notice. (Vehicles are a favorite)


7. Ankle Holster

A great addition to any torso holster, the ankle holster allows for carrying multiple firearms at once and is uniquely designed for rapid access as well as optimal comfort.  

Oh and don’t worry about guessing shoe size; one size fits all.


6. Biometric Safe

If you have young ones in the house, or your gal is a bit scared of guns, a biometric safe is a good option.

It opens to only the fingers that you program into it and has a zero-frustration set-up. There’s even enough space to store some valuables, too.


5. Reflex Holographic Sight

Good aim is something that requires years of constant practice. But when it comes to self-defense, your guy could use all the help he can get.

Give him a gift that will reduce his aim to an instant and make him feel like a secret agent.


4. Mounted Speed Safe

A strategic blend of safety & easy access, the Mounted Speed Safe is a more secure version of a tactical magnet.

Your loved one can attach it anywhere they can drill a couple screws and access their firearm within seconds while keeping it safely out of reach from sticky fingers.


3. Tactical Belt

More than likely, the gun lover on your list has a belt from 1996.

They’ll appreciate a gift that’s durable, Molle compatible, and provides them the capability to store more loaded magazines.


2. Spotting Monocular

Whether your significant gun lover is a hunter or ready to hunt in case the world ends, they’ll really appreciate a spotting monocular that doesn’t fog up.

Unlike most others on the market, this top-notch monocular is completely waterproof & fogproof and comes with a free tripod.


1. At-Home Krav Maga Course

Sometimes, your loved one can be caught without their firearm, or in the worst case scenario, find themselves on the wrong end of one.

Give them the gift of ultimate self-defense with our full-length Krav Maga course so they can disarm their attacker & defend themselves against multiple assailants.


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