Men's Valentine's Bundle
Men's Valentine's Bundle
Men's Valentine's Bundle
Men's Valentine's Bundle


Men's Valentine's Bundle


This Valentine's Bundle is OVER 10% off the original pricing!

There is nothing like getting your man a gift for Valentine's that you know he will love and actually use! 

Because we all have run into the dilemma of watching him open a gift "act" excited about it, and then it goes into a closet to collect dust. Now... we're changing that! 

This Valentine's Bundle Includes our Best Selling Tac-Magnet, Ankle Holster and our brand new XP Reactor hearing protection. Trust us, these are good. So good they aren't going to collect dust in a closet. 

 XP Reactor Features:

One of the most innovative, non-electronic sound filtering systems out there. The XP Reactor has reactive, interchangeable filters which block damaging noise while letting you hear frequencies safe frequencies and decibels. You’ll hear sound clearly and naturally- almost seems as if your ears aren’t even plugged. Then when loud sounds hit your ears, the Dynamic Mesh Filtering System™ will automatically screen those sounds out, protecting your hearing.

  • Comes with a pair medium and large tips
  • Medical Grade, Non-Allergenic Material used for sound filters
  • Includes a Neoprene Carry Case
  • Easy Start Instruction Manual

Tac-Magnet Features:

Ankle Holster Features:

  • One Size Fits All - Elastic material stretches to fit anyone
  • Works for Right & Left Draws
  • Compatible with: 22s, 25s, 380s, 9mms, even compact 40s and 45s, 38 revolvers and even a 357 can fit at max
  • Retention Strap - (you can cut retention strap off for quicker draw)
  • Soft Lining - protects your firearm's finish