Deep Tissue Massage Gun
Deep Tissue Massage Gun
Deep Tissue Massage Gun
Deep Tissue Massage Gun
Deep Tissue Massage Gun
Deep Tissue Massage Gun


Deep Tissue Massage Gun

✔️ 5 Massage Levels
1. 1200rpm for light warm-up, suitable for warm up before exercise.
2. 1600rpm for deep muscle relaxing, proper relaxing for muscle stress.
3. 2200rpm for muscle recovery, suitable for post exercise.
4. 2800rpm for precise deep massage, precise massage for deep muscle soreness.
5. 3300rpm for professional massage, professional massage brings the best muscle pain relief.
✔️ 3 Mode Settings
1. Warm-up Mode: interval massage to activate your muscles, light beats to arouse your energy.
2. Muscle Relaxing: medium beating to relieve from muscle soreness after exercise.
3. Deep Massager: Deep into inner layer of muscle, precisely and effectively relieve from muscle stress with massager heads.
✔️ Strong Run Time
1. 10 minute over-use protection, avoiding muscle hurting caused by over use.
2. Fast charging, shorter charging time and longer using time.
3. Longer using time, better to relieve from muscle soreness.
  • 6 Interchangeable Heads - The Deep Tissue Massage Gun has six different interchangeable heads with various traits for each, relaxing muscles targeted and improving recovery efficiency effectively. The massage gun along with 5 different intensity levels and 3 modes (minimum 1200 rpm and maximum 3300 rpm), deep tissue percussion activates your muscles when warming up, getting into an exercise state as fast as possible and relieves muscle pain when relaxing.
  •  Compact Gun with 2 Storage Cases - Our Deep Tissue massage gun features a compact and portable, silver sprayed body. It shows minimalist and excellent silver texture. The handle is covered with skin-friendly material to have a good touch, enough friction, and favorable handling. The portable muscle massager also comes with chic carry bag and box so that you can take the massage gun with you wherever you want. 
  • High Capacity Battery - The massage gun with 2200mA high capacity battery of 6-packed combination lasts 20 hours for the use time and 3 months for stand-by time. With the special charger, the portable massage gun only needs 3 hours to fully charge.