Tactical Cleaning Kit - Portable Universal Gun Cleaning Kit


Tactical Cleaning Kit - Portable Universal Gun Cleaning Kit


One of the best portable gun cleaning kit is the Otis Tactical Cleaning Kit. Whether you’re on the range or in the middle of a hunt, sometimes you need to do a quick field cleaning on your gun. In this instance, you don’t need (or want) some gigantic cleaning kit. It has everything you need in a deceptively small package.

The Tactical Cleaning Kit makes it quicker and easier to take care of your firearm maintenance needs. It’s always there when you need it, and you’re not borrowing parts from your other kits when you head to the range or field.

Key Features:

  • Compact footprint
  • Everything you need, ready to go
  • Wide variety of included tools
  • Small-but-mighty design
  • Multiple pockets and inserts to maximize space
  • Comes with a small bottle of CLP
  • Width:5.00
  • Height:8.75
  • Depth:1.75

This kit includes:

  • 100% cotton 2" & 3" patches (10 each), 3 slotted tips & 2 patch savers®
  • Six firearm specific bronze bore brushes with size marked on brush stem (.22/.223, .270, .30/.308/30-06/30-30, .38/9mm, .45 cal, 12 ga)
  • 8" and 30" aircraft grade Memory-Flex® cables and thread connector for proper Breech-to-Muzzle® cleaning
  • 34" aircraft grade Memory-Flex® cable (5-40 thread) with slotted tip is small enough to clean .17 caliber firearms
  • Small & large obstruction removers knock out mud, snow & stuck casings
  • T-handle quickly attaches to cable for added comfort
  • Also includes chamber flag, 0.5 fl.oz. Shooter’s Choice FP-10 Lubricant Elite® CLP & instruction manual
  • All items are packed neatly in a 4"x4"x2.5" soft pack case
  • No Nonsense Warranty
  • Made in the USA