TekMat Stealth Ultra Rifle Gun Cleaning Mat


TekMat Stealth Ultra Rifle Gun Cleaning Mat


A high-quality product and a very good choice for your firearms, this TekMat Stealth Ultra Rifle Gun Cleaning Mat. This minimalist design makes it easy for the experienced gun owner to clean his firearm with no distractions. The smooth surface is water and oil-proof and makes it easy to wipe up spills. The oversized design measures 44" x 15" and has plenty of room to completely disassemble a full-size rifle.

  • Thermoplastic polyurethane surface won’t absorb water or cleaning chemicals
  • Vulcanized rubber backing won’t slide
  • The sleek leather texture looks great and cleans easily


PROTECT YOUR GUN AND YOUR WORK AREA - The smooth thermoplastic polyurethane surface ensures your gun doesn't get scratched while the thick vulcanized rubber will protect your work surface and prevent the mat from sliding. This mat will also keep harmful chemicals, oil, and dirt from penetrating down to your desk, bench, or work area where you normally clean and work on your handgun.

OVERSIZED - This Stealth gun cleaning mat measures 44" x 15". The oversized design gives you plenty of room to disassemble your firearm and clean it without having to move parts all over. The thick vulcanized rubber backing ensures the cleaning mat will protect your firearm and work surface.

MINIMALIST DESIGN - This gun cleaning mat is smooth except for the subtle, debossed TekMat logo. It is ideal for the firearm owner that wants a minimalist TekMat. It will look amazing on your workbench.