X-Pro Passive Ear Protection

X-Pro Passive Ear Protection


The X-Pro Passive Ear Protection earplugs deliver great hearing protection at an affordable price. They’re lightweight, washable, comfortable, and reusable, all qualities that one looks for in non-disposable earplugs.

It has a unique set-up, using push-click valves to open and close the plug for clear communication when clicked open, and maximum hearing protection when clicked shut. You control when you hear without having to take things in and out of your ears. With a proper fit, they stay in place even though sweaty, and physical activity.

Uses Include: Running, Exercising, Hunting, Auto Racing, Military, Law Enforcement, Sporting Events, Target Shooting, Concerts, Industrial, Sleeping/Snoring.

EASY CONTROL: Push button to hear, push again to protect.


  • Push button to toggle hearing protection on/off
  • Passive, non-electronic, push-button design
  • Hear prey sounds or engage in conversations easily while being able to stay protected
  • Ergonomic design for comfort


  • Medical Grade, Non-Allergenic, Ultra-soft EVA material, and design gives you the perfect fit
  • Medical Grade, Non-Allergenic Material is used for sound filters
  • Easy to Put In and Remove
  • Washable & Reusable
  • 19dB SNR Open
  • 29dB SNR Closed