The Importance of Tactically Mounting Your Firearm

Having a pistol to protect your home or business is just common sense. 

While it’s one thing to own your weapon – it’s another thing to actually be able to draw the pistol in self-defense when the time comes. 

Let’s break down why you should consider tactically mounting your weapon instead of relying on a standard holster:

3. Tactical Mounts Allow You to Keep Your Firearm Hidden

First off, tactical mounts, like the Quick Draw featured above, let you keep your pistol hidden from any would-be attacked or burglar. 

This is crucial not only for your own safety, but so you can defend yourself and your peers effectively.

Someone with a gun is much more likely to pull the trigger before you can react if they see that you’re armed as well. 

But a bank manager with a tactical mount beneath their desk won’t be seen as a threat… at least, until it’s too late!

It’s hard to understate just how important the element of surprise is for self-defense. 

A tactical mount is a necessity if you want to keep your sidearm hidden until it’s the right time to strike.

2. Tactical Mounts Are Easier to Draw From

There are lots of quality holsters to choose from, sure. 

But holsters are often clunky to wear with workplace attire, or they might be uncomfortable to wear all day if you are on your feet.

This goes double for any concealed carry holsters.

On the flip side, you can easily place a tactical mount or Tac-Magnet near where you stand or sit.

You can position them out so that your firearm is always within easy reach. 

This is crucial if you need to draw the weapon in a hurry to defend yourself and your business.

Imagine a scenario where a gas station owner is being robbed. Drawing from a waist-level holster will be obvious and dangerous. 

However, drawing from a concealed tactical magnet or mount beneath the counter is a lot safer and easier.

1. Tactical Mounts Are Secure

What’s more is that tactical mounts are often much more secure than even the best hip holster.

This is doubly true when it comes to a concealed carry holster, such as one inside the waistband.

The fact of the matter is that, in a tense situation, it can be difficult to draw your firearm if your holster isn’t perfectly secure and where you expect it to be.

Imagine reaching for your sidearm, only for the holster to be just an inch behind where you thought it was due to belt shifting from your day.

A tactical holster mounted under your desk or by your chair, on the other hand, is always in the exact same place.

That reliability could be the difference between life and death.

Need a Tactical Mount for Your Firearm?

We got your six.

There are two we think every firearm-owning American should consider.

The first is the Tac Magnet.

Easy to install on any flat surface, and bolstered with a rubber top finishing to prevent scratching on your firearm, it’s a perfect magnet tactical mount for shop owners or for stashing your firearm beneath your desk.

It can hold a firearm that weighs up to 25 pounds!

Next is the Quick Draw Tac Magnet.

Similar to the last tactical mount, this piece is specially designed to let you draw your pistol quickly from a hiding spot.

Place this under your desk, in your car, or in your home for excellent effect.

It even chambers a round as you pull it out.

Choose either of these two tactical mounts and you’ll be safer and more effective with your sidearm than ever before.

Thank you for reading… United We Stand

Justin, Author

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