Green Laser Kit
Green Laser Kit
Green Laser Kit
Green Laser Kit
Green Laser Kit


Green Laser Kit


Reduce Your Aim Time To An Instant

-Does Using your Crosshair Take a second or two to Aim properly?

-Do you want to see exactly where your bullets will land before you shoot?

-Do you want your firearm to be ready in all situations?

Each Kit Includes: 
1x Green Dot Laser Sight Scope
1x Pressure Pad Switch
1x Metal Scope Mount
1x Metal Rail Mount
1x Hex Wrench 
1x Cr123a Battery 
1x Storage Box


  • Increases Aiming Speed
  • Best For Day And Night
  • Water Resistant
  • Adjustable For Windage And Elevation
  • Fog-proof, Shockproof, Dust-proof, Rust-proof
  • Comes with Tactical Scope Mount
  • Comes With Tactical Rail Mount
  • Comes With Removeable Pressure Switch
  • Comes With Momentary Wire Pressure Pad Switch
  • 200 Yard Range During Day
  • 1,500 Yard Range At Night
  • Fits Any 20mm Rail Mount Or Barrel Clamp Mount - Universal Fit For Stand 20mm Rails
  • High Quality Aircraft Grade Aluminum Construction - Providing A Reliable Tactical Sight Solution
Prop up this durable all metal laser sight using only a 20mm weaver mount or an 8 shaped 1" barrel mount. It even comes with the tools to adjust the windage and elevation to your environment. An interchangeable switch allows you to click a button to turn the unit on or use a remote to operate it. 
1.Attach the sight to your weapon. 
2.Twist the two small screws located at the head of the sight with a small Allen wrench to adjust the elevation and windage. Turn the screws until the main laser spot 
3.Overlaps with the scattered points. 
4.Press the button or switch to turn on the laser. 
5.Open the back cover to replace the battery. 
■ Never look directly at the laser beam. 
■ Never point the laser beam at a person. 
■ Do not aim at reflective surfaces. 
■ Do not view the laser pointer using optical instruments like binoculars or microscopes. 
■ Children should not use the laser pointers unless under the close supervision of an adult.