Firearm Safety: 6 Critical Tips

Gun safety is the cornerstone topic that all firearm users should know by heart before pulling the trigger for the first time.

While firearms are great tools for hunting, self-defense, and even just for fun on the range, they’re also powerful weapons that have the potential to cause great injury if they’re not used correctly.

Here are the Top Six Gun Safety Tips that you and everyone in your family should be aware of: 

6. Treat Every Gun As If It’s Loaded

First of all, remember to treat every gun you hold as a loaded weapon. 

It doesn’t matter if you counted the cartridges yourself and made extra sure to unload the firearm’s magazine and cartridge in the receiver: 

Every gun must be treated as though it’s loaded at all times. 

This is the only way to train the appropriate muscle memory to make sure you never point a weapon at someone unless you intend to shoot in self-defense.

This is a habit you should ingrain into everyone you see with a gun, too. If everyone followed this rule with 100% consistency, there would never be any accidental shootings.

5. Practice Your Trigger Finger Discipline

Trigger discipline involves keeping your finger away from the trigger until the moment before you take a shot. 

Most people put their fingers in the trigger loop by habit, which increases the chance of a misfire.

This can lead to you accidentally injuring yourself or another person when you don’t intend to shoot.

Will this slow you down in a self-defense situation? 

Not at all. Try to practice good trigger discipline for better gun safety. 

4. Always Keep Guns Pointed Downrange

If you’re at a gun range, and if you’re comfortable with firearms, it can be easy to wave your gun around or otherwise hold it too casually for the power it can produce. 

We’d recommend keeping your gun pointed downrange or leaving it out of your hand at all times.

The reason? Downrange is the only place where people won’t be, and it’s the only place where you can be sure that, if your gun somehow misfires, you won’t accidentally injure someone. 

Again, if everyone followed this tip, there wouldn’t be any accidental shootings at gun ranges.

3. Remember the Safety!

The “safety” on your firearm should be located and experimented with before you load the gun for the first time.

This is doubly true if you are handed a pistol or rifle that isn’t yours.

Make sure you know how to engage and disengage the safety before squeezing off a single round. The safety is the single best tool to prevent misfires and accidental injuries – use it!

2. Keep it Secured in a Gun Safe

Properly storing your firearm securely is crucial in maintaining the safety of our families. Investing in a gun safe will give you peace of mind that curious little hands won’t accidentally discover it, and also prevent any intruders from getting to your weapon before you do.

Having a small digital safe for your pistol is the best option, as you can keep it in a convenient location where you’d most likely need to grab your firearm. 

biometric digital safe allows fast access, as it simply requires a fingerprint to open it rather than punching in a combination. Plus, the fingerprint scanner allows you to easily open it in the dark without switching on any lights and alerting intruders to your location.

Alternatively, a mounted speed safe is a streamlined option for stowing your weapon in tight-fitting areas such as your nightstand, under your desk or in your vehicle. 

1. Maintain Your Weapon

Lastly, be sure to maintain any firearms that you own to the best of your ability.

This has a greater effect on gun safety than you might think. Poorly maintained firearms can explode in their owners’ hands, misfire, or cause other injuries. 

No one wants their gun to blow up in their face or spray shrapnel everywhere. You can avoid this by maintaining your gun consistently and cleaning it after every use.

Being a responsible gun owner comes with some simple safety measures and a duty to uphold them.  

By sticking to these basic guidelines, we can ensure that our firearms are used for their intended purpose only; thus keeping ourselves, our neighbors, and our loved ones safe.

Thank you for reading… United We Stand



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